Summary of 1 July 2013 Changes

1 July is an interesting time for many prospective migrants with the introduction of new immigration policies.  We provide an update on the latest changes to Australian Immigration as announced by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

New Visa Pricing Arrangements

DIAC’s visa pricing transformation has occurred.  The new visa pricing tables on the Department’s website enable you to calculate your VAC (Visa Application Charge).

The main changes are

  • New VACs for Subsequent Temporary Entrant
  • Additional VACs for including additional applicants in a visa application
  • Annual revision of VACs

New Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL)

The new CSOL takes effect today.  Click here for the latest information.

New TSMIT for 457 Visas

Subclass 457 Sponsors should be aware that the TSMIT has been increased.  Click here for the latest information.

The legislation has also incorporated updates to Employer Nomination Scheme visas and training benchmarks, among other changes.

Contact your UMASERVICES registered migration agent for further details on how these changes may affect you.