Why use a registered migration agent?

Universal Migration Advisory Services have been providing quality immigration services in Sydney since 1996.  Our migration agents in Sydney assist individuals and corporations with their immigration law needs.  We are often asked the question, why use a migration agent?

Whilst not everyone needs to use a registered migration agent, you should consider using one if

  • Your case is not straight-forward
  • You need someone to help you understand the Migration Act 1958 and Migration Regulations 1994 as it applies to you
  • You may be confused about your current immigration options
  • You want help assessing your eligibility, and want to ensure your application is complete
  • You want representation to skills assessment bodies and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
  • You want someone there to answer your questions during the processing of your visa
  • You want to appeal a cancellation or refusal decision
  • You have previously been refused or cancelled a visa in the past
  • You want a submission to accompany your visa application
    (A submission is a document which addresses the relevant provisions in the Migration Act and Migration Regulations whcih apply to your case.)

A registered migration agent will have been exposed to more visa cases and procedures than you. Migration agents are trusted professionals, who need to meet high registration standards set by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. As such, they have the skills and expertise to handle your case effectively, and deal with the Department of Immigration on your behalf.

Find a registered migration agent close to you by visiting www.mara.gov.au, or if you are in Sydney, get in touch with us.

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