Australian Sponsored Work Visas – Subclass 457 Visa

immigrationThe subclass 457 visa program is a popular pathway for employers to fill job vacancies and overseas workers to work in Australia.  The program is designed to help fill short and medium-term labour market vacancies in the Australian economy.

What is a Subclass 457 Visa?

A subclass 457 visa is a temporary work visa that enables foreign nationals to be employed lawfully in Australia.  In the majority of situations, the worker’s occupation must appear on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List published by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Who is eligible to sponsor a worker under the program?

Businesses operating in Australia can sponsor workers under the program if they meet certain criteria.  These include but are not limited to:-

  • Lawfully operate a business in Australia
  • Compliance with Australian Workplace and Immigration Laws
  • Demonstrated commitment to employing and training local labour (ie. Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents)

Who is eligible to apply for a visa under the program?

A subclass 457 visa can only be granted to those who meet requirements under Australian immigration law.  These include:-

  • Appropriate skills and experience to perform the tasks in the sponsor’s business
  • Health and character checks
  • English language ability
  • Compliance with immigration laws and visa conditions

Family members can also apply for a visa to live in Australia under the program.  Visas can be valid for up to 4 years.

After two years of employment in your nominated position, you may be eligible to apply for a Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa to Australia under the Employer Nomination Scheme.

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