Legislation introduced for the Skilling Australians Fund

The Migration (Skilling Australians Fund) Bill 2017 has been read for the first time in the House of Representatives. The Bill introduces for the first time a “Training Contribution Charge”.

The key features of the charge are:

  1. Will be paid by employers who seek to use the employer sponsored temporary or permanent residency visa programs
  2. Paid at time of application lodgement
  3. In addition to current application fees

What is the Training Contribution Charge?

The Charge is designed to replace the current Training Benchmarks A and B which standard business sponsors are required to meet.

It is expected that the Training Contribution Charge will instead be utilised, from March 2018. The amount of the charge depends on:

  1. the type of visa being applied for and
  2. intended duration of stay for the employee.

How much is the Training Contribution Charge?

The Government has indicated that for temporary visas, the charge will be $1,800 per year of intended stay. The full fee is payable upfront at the time of application. For permanent visas, the charge will be set at $5,000.

Applications should be lodged prior to March 2018 to avoid the charge.

What’s next?

Universal Migration Advisory Services will continue to monitor the situation.

Importantly, the Bills are yet to be passed by Parliament so may be changed prior to becoming law.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss your personal circumstances. Alternatively, purchase a Migration Membership subscription to ask all your questions 24×7.