Introducing the Australian Migration Toolbar for Applicants

logo4How should prospective migration applicants keep up-to-date on all the latest Australian Immigration changes?  Download the Australian Immigration Toolbar!

The Australian Immigration Toolbar is available for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It installs in under 10 seconds (on Firefox).

Designed for prospective migration applicants, the toolbar links you to our immigration newsroom, twitter and facebook.  You can also Tweet and send Gmail right from the toolbar, and connect with our migration agents.

The Australian Immigration Toolbar for Applicants.  Created by UMASERVICES. Delivered by Alexa.

We will also be updating our toolbar to incorporate the latest links, and you will automatically receive the latest toolbar once your browser refreshes its cache.




Download the Australian Immigration Toolbar for Applicants by clicking here.

Please note that the toolbar is provided by Alexa Internet Inc.  Download and use constitutes your acceptance of Alexa’s End User Licence Agreement as displayed on the download page and our Terms and Conditions.