Labour Market Testing now in full swing – Nov 2013

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has introduced Labour Market Testing (LMT) for the Subclass 457 Visa program.

What is LMT?

LMT requires employers to show they have not been able to recruit workers from the local labour market, and that it is necessary to sponsor an overseas national to work in their business on a temporary basis.  This may be due to the unavailability of suitably skilled or experienced workers in the local labour force.

What evidence is required?

Evidence that is required includes:-

  • Advertising of vacant positions
  • Data on number of applications received, number of hires made and expenditure on advertising
  • And other data too

Will my business need to engage in LMT?

Your business will need to meet LMT requirements unless exempt.  The following are some exempt categories:

  • Your are party to a labour agreement
  • The nomination meets the international trade obligations requirement
  • The nominated occupation is exempt

Find out more

Contact your registered migration agent to learn more about LMT.