Last chance to apply for certain Family Visas

clockThe Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that certain parent, dependent relative, last remaining relative, and carer visas will be closed to new applications within the next month.  If you’re thinking of sponsoring your family here, be sure to read this visa update!


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that new applications for the following Family Migration Visas will close prior to July 1, 2014.  An exact date is yet to be announced.

The affected visa subclasses are:-

  • Parent visa (subclass 103)
  • Aged Parent visa (subclass 804)
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclasses 114 and 838)
  • Remaining Relative visa (subclasses 115 and 835)
  • Carer visa (subclasses 116 and 836)

Why should I act now for Parent Visas?

The Parent Visa (Subclass 103) is a significantly cheaper option for parents to migrate to Australia, although the waiting time is much longer (approximately 10 years).

The Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143) will remain open, however, has a much higher visa application charge (A$42,220 for the 2nd instalment).

The Department has advised that if you lodge a valid application prior to the cessation date, your application will continue to be processed in the queue under existing migration regulations and policy.

If you want to lodge now, or need further advice, speak with one of our migration agents for migration to Australia on 02 8205 7555 or email us.


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*This news update is for your information only and does not constitute immigration advice.  Seek professional advice on your personal circumstances from a registered migration agent before making any decision.*