NSW State Sponsorship – 1 July 2014 News

openforbusinessThe NSW State Government has announced the 2014-2015 state sponsorship program for skilled migration.

NSW is now open for business.

The latest news from the NSW State Government announced on 1 July 2014.

UPDATE:  NSW State Sponsorship Opens – 14 July 2014 – Click here

The NSW State Government has announced the 2014-2015 state sponsorship program for skilled migration under the Skilled Nominated Migration Program – Subclass 190.  This is a permanent residency visa for persons sponsored by a State/Territory Government and entitles applicants to a bonus 5 Points under the SkillSelect system.

This news is eagerly anticipated by migrants who were surprised that the NSW State Government closed applications in late 2013 as they had reached capacity.

What occupations are on the NSW State Sponsorship List?

The NSW Government has announced that the NSW State Sponsorship List will consist of the entire 2013-2014 NSW State Sponsorship List plus Chefs, Bricklayers and Tilers.

How can I apply for state sponsorship?

Applicants for state sponsorship must meet the NSW Government state sponsorship criteria which will be announced in the next fortnight.  However, it is expected that applicants will require a skills assessment in their nominated occupation prior to applying for state sponsorship.

The eligibility criteria and occupation-specific criteria will be continuously updated throughout the program year and there will be four ‘intake’ rounds of applications as follows:

Occupation List updated
Applications open

Applications close (4-6 weeks after opening)
14 July 14 July 11 – 25 August
1 October 14 October 11 – 25 November
7 January 19 January 16 February – 2 March
1 April 14 April 12 – 26 May

Source:  NSW State Government.  Dates subject to change.

What restrictions are in place?

You definitely should lodge your application for state sponsorship as soon as possible.  This is because there is a cap of 1000 applications for each intake round, with the process being managed electronically.  Once the applications close, there is a wait of at least 3 months for the next intake round.  Furthermore, the occupation list and criteria will be revised by the NSW State Government each round.

Processing time is also expected to take 12 weeks for the NSW State Government to assess your application.

What should I do next?

Be prepared to lodge your application on or after 14 July 2014 as spots will fill up very quickly.  Book a consultation to speak with a registered migration consultant now by calling 02 8205 7555.

Alternatively, submit an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help.


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