Queensland announces new State Migration Skilled Occupation List

qldQueensland Government announces new State Sponsorship Occupation List for Skilled Migration.

Effective 1 July 2014

What has changed to Subclass 190 Visa Sponsorships by Queensland?

The Queensland Government has revealed the new State Sponsorship Occupation List, called the QSOL, effective 1 July 2014 as the skilled migration program re-opens with new occupation gaps and braces for change to meet with demand.

> Download Queensland Skilled Occupation List (QSOL)

What other criteria are applicable for Queensland State Sponsorship?

For Subclass 190 (State Nominated) Visa Applicants:

  • meet the Australian Government’s eligibility criteria for the Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa and the criteria to receive a positive skills assessment
  • have an occupation on the Queensland Skilled Occupation List (subclass 190) visa
  • meet the minimum full time work experience as outlined on the QSOL post qualification in your skilled occupation, and any additional requirements for licensing, registration or specialisations
  • demonstrate you have sufficient funds to settle in Queensland and to support you until you find a job
  • demonstrate your ability and commitment to establish yourself and any dependants in Queensland with a view to long-term settlement in Queensland.
  • complete and submit an expression of interest through SkillSelect

What changes affect subclass 489 applicants?

Your occupation must now appear on the new QSOL for the Subclass 489 Visa.

VIEW > QSOL for subclass 489

Should I apply now?

If you are eligible, you should apply now because the occupation lists change frequently and occupations will be closed once they reach capacity.

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